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Our Travel Tips Booklet

Agios Stefano church in Greece is the work of member Paula Swenson. See more at her website.
We have available a rather prosaically named but wonderful little booklet entitled "Travel Tips and Clues". It is based on the notion that traveling is sweet but also can be a pain in the petuchie. To be more precise, the mechanics of travel can be stressful - lodging, transportation, budgeting, or finding a bathroom can be a chore. Emphasis on proper travel methodologies frees one up for the best part of travel - that is, spending the time when you choose, moving on at your own schedule, blowing the budget, and following your desires!

Most travelers soon recognize that it is the process of traveling that really defines the success of a travel experience not just the objects d'art or objects d'archeologic one is blessed enough to encounter. Travel Tips and Clues is aimed at refining that process and making it as smooth and hassle free as possible.

Travel Tips and Clues includes recommendations on making the mechanics more manageable and thus travel sweeter. The recommendations are based on wisdom (some very hard earned) gained from travel. Oh, and while not in the booklet, be sure to check our latest on-line air travel tips.

Cost is only $5.00. You need not join the Hospitality Exchange to receive a copy, just drop us a note with check or money order and we'll send it along.

By the way, the best travel tip is that travel advice can sometimes be less than valuable. So, if what you read in Travel Tips and Clues seems ho hum and second nature, then you deserve your money back. Just let the Hospitality Exchange Editors know, and you'll get it in the return mail.

To start you off, we are proud of the online travel resource guide that we have compiled. An interesting starting point might be MyTravelGuide. Passport and Visa Exchange, a site developed by your webmaster, is a great jump off point to acquire any needed travel documents and for up-to-date information about requirements and conditions for travel to any country or dependency worldwide. And the US Consumer Information Center has tips for travel abroad. We appreciate your comments and additions to this list.

And the Hospitality exchange is not the only organization that fosters hospitality in travel. For example we have U.S. Servas and its counterparts all over the world; an international network of hosts and travelers building peace by providing opportunities for mutually arranged visits between people of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

A final tip .... you can make your travel meaningful by volunteering your services to an organization like Cross-Cultural Solutions. With them you can immerse yourself in another culture and contribute to vital global issues, such as healthcare, education, and community development.

Hey ... for considering our booklet we'll throw in a few less known potential good deal websites. For starters we have TravelZoo. More to come. Or send use your suggestions.