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Paula Swenson's Dawn Fisherman
We live in a leafy suburb of Sydney on half an acre near National Park with plenty of wildlife. We do offer helpful information and guidance and can offer self-contained accommodation for 2 with garden setting & swimming pool. City and beaches are within easy reach. Herbert (61) is the local fire chief (semi-retired) and originated from Vienna. Renate (60) came from Leipzig, Germany about 38 years ago. We travel extensively, but when in residence look forward to having visitors. Non-smoking please!

I (69) have been a member of H.E. since it started and before that of the Travelers Directory. I live alone in a big house with a large garden and park. I am very busy with my garden, but would enjoy meeting some of you. I offer simple meals and congeniality, and live three miles from the center of Goderich, which calls itself "the prettiest town in Canada," just four miles from Lake Huron. If you cannot reach me, try my son John in Blyth, famous for Summer Festival Theatre, 20 miles east of here.

I'm a woman (37) with sons Dylan (13) and Chris (11) living a simple life, including basketry, gardening, home life, travel. Our island, pop. 10,000 conveniently located on the west coast of Canada between Vancouver and Victoria has all the amenities. Rural, on the ocean with fine walking and sunsets. I also offer extended back yard camping for a fee or, if staying 1 + month, for yard work in exchange.

Brenda (49) and Gary (53) are empty-nesters with 2 daughters at university. Our house is on a bird sanctuary marsh on Vancouver Island, 1 1/2 hours ferry to Vancouver, 2-hour drive to Victoria, 3 hours to Long Beach on open Pacific. We try for low impact, minimal consumption, green living. We hike run, and cycle. Concerns are global justice, peace and environment. We taught in Africa 1966-67; our kids were born there.

Chaumont-Gistoux is a quiet village 30 KM from Brussels. There are meadows in front of the house and a large garden (turning wild) with fruit trees at the back. A good place to rest! I (38) spend most of my time in a university plan cell biology lab, although I try to get out of there more often these days! I'm a bird watcher/conservationist who likes cooking while having a beer (like most Belgians, it seems!) and listening to jazz, classical and percussion music. I love dreaming, practicing tai chi ( a chinese martial art) and trying to play the jembe (west-African drum). I'm not so sure I'm really successful, but if you want to give it a trial. . . .

After three years living and working overseas, we're back in our home country for a while. Tim is still teaching English as a foreign language, this time to Asian students at a local university. Narrelle is working part-time for a bank while she finishes writing her first novel. We live in the heart of Fremantle, a colourful and lively port area which the march of progress has thankfully side-stepped, at least in matters architectural. The area is renowned for its restored colonial architecture and multicultural nature, with excellent cafes and restaurants. Further afield, Perth's city centre is only 30 minutes away by train. Rottnest Island, a great place to escape the city tensions and relax, is in the Indian Ocean about 30 minutes from Fremantle by ferry. We look forward to seeing you Down Under!

We are a hardworking doctor and nurse who run our own family practice in Collie (the best kept secret in Australia's South-West corner). We are science fiction fans who are into jazz, food, games and cats. As we are somewhat tied to our practice we are nearly always available. Julia is famous for wine tours for visitors and knows the best beaches and art galleries. Craig is an anthropomorphic artist who is well known as "Doc Rat" to Furry Fandom. You can get to us by train, bus or car (2.5 hours from Perth). We have accommodation for up to 4 adults at one time (self-contained flatlet), a swimming pool and beautiful gardens. Crazy cats and a gourmet cook (Julia) are ready to welcome you.

I'm a 26 year old male who's interested in work with handicapped people, photography, bicycling and Punk/Hardcore. I can offer space for 2 people. But I live with my parents; that's why you should write/call early. Besides, I study and travel sometimes. Ed. NOTE: Christoph reports that he spent some time in Yemen and found the people were very nice and easy to get to know.

I'm a student of biology (27) hoping to find a teaching job when I finish. After being welcomed and hosted heartily by H.E. members when I traveled to the U.S., I want to give some kind hospitality to travelers. Bielefeld is a fairly new, middle-sized town with nice spots worthy of being shown, whether downtown or the nice, hilly surroundings in the Teutoburger Forest. My interests include horses, jogging and most kinds of outdoor activities, as well as meeting people and enjoying life.

Henning (33) is a lecturer at university (law department). Susanne (32), M.A. in German and English literature, momentarily is taking care of little Jasper (1) who fills up Pampers professionally. We welcome guests from all over, even if-at-times time will allow only short chats. Almost 20 years of Berlin experience (between us) will get you to the most interesting sights and places, nicest restaurants and theatres. Please call in advance.

Warendorf is very close to Muenster, the area's cultural capital developed by the Romans and Frankonians with lots of old castles, etc. Despite the rain and fog, it's a very nice place to relax on the way through and smell the old times. I (36) am a physical therapist, sometimes working as a landscaper, often traveling, enjoying lots of sports like squash, underwater rugby, juggling, motorcycling, judo, horseback riding and a good cup of tea.

I am a Forum Manager for the new Microsoft Network (MSN) and can be found On-Line in my World Citizen Forum (category - People and Communities- click - People to People - click - World Citizen; or use go work PS in the Edit menu.) Louisiana born, some years in Venezuela, then Edinburgh, London, Amsterdam, and now Paris. Constant flow of friends, but will try to be helpful to H.E. members. If spare room is available, you are welcome to it. University professor, writer doing theatre, video, film, Autobiography, "Thanks for Coming", by Faber & Faber. I'm editing a People to People series of books, with four books and eight countries now available, with Russia coming soon.

Laurent (36) is an engineer working on the Korean TGV (High Speed train) project and lived in the U.S. and Japan. Francoize (39) is managing assistant in a capital risk company. Olivier (5) goes to a bilingual (French/English) school. We are interested (or one of us is) in classical music (we're bass and soprano in a Paris choir), photography, reading, running marathons, religion and much more. We enjoy sharing with travelers, but write or call in advance - we're often busy. No Smoking.

Welcome to the county Wennigsen (railway station) 25 km southwest of Hanover, good for resting and biking and walking in the nearby Deister Woods and rolling hills. We like traveling, politics, science of nature, swimming, photography, music, gardening, patchwork, animals and, especially, people. Johein (61) is a scientist (physiology), Helma (60) housewife and volunteering for international youth exchange program (YFU). Silke (29) veterinarian and studying for a PhD in virology in Tubingen.

Start your trip for the "Romantische Strasse" from Mannheim, the warmest spot in Germany. Plenty of places to see close by, featuring medieval frame worked housed towns, Heidelberg just being one of them. We'd love to take you around, however, be prepared to do the tourist things on your own. Summer weekends we (48, 47, 15) often spend in the ballpark (Baseball). Even if we might not make it to take you on our famous bike ride along the river Nechar, we can help with information on what to do, where to go and how to get there, whatever your interests are (we have two extra bikes, center city can easily be reached by bike, so we hardly ever use a car over the weekend). But even if we are taken up during the day, we definitely will find the time to share thoughts and laughter in a local beer garden on a warm summer night.

Andy (39) is a hospital neurologist/computer addict; Daniela (34) is a nurse working as full-time mother to our children Celine (5) and Salome (1 1/2) and our cat Pinocchio. Our house has a small garden in the largest and most cosmopolitan Swiss city, located on a beautiful lake. Small room for 1-2, lots of info about Switzerland, and we'd enjoy talking at home or at a restaurant. We've travelled to the U.S., south and far east Asia, Europe. We like skiing, tennis, cooking, jazz, movies and discussing politics.

We live 30 minutes from Stockholm. Peter works as a truck driver. I am unemployed at the moment. We enjoy traveling, sports, flying, camping and good meals. Peter likes to work with old cars, too. We have a summer house 1 hour from home, where we spend all weekends from April to October. We usually go to France in June for camping. Short notice is OK.