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A Descriptive History

The Hospitality Exchange is an online traveler's directory of friendly, travel-loving people who offer each other the gift of hospitality in their homes. Members like to travel, be hosted by other members, and, in turn, host traveling members themselves. Each directory listing provides details on that member's interests and the hospitality they can provide. We are not like the huge internet groups that have come into being in recent years; but our group seems to be more conducive to forming long term friendships - our members stay with us for many years.

Soon we will be, amazingly, celebrating our 48th year of bringing travelers together. While we have members in over 25 countries and territories, we are still primarily a North American organization (of our 500 or so members, almost 2/3rd are in the US - in 35 states and Canadian provinces) and we'd like to do something about that. If you'd like to be an 'area-coordinator' for a country with fewer members please let me know and I can send you some materials for this purpose. If you are in the third-world then I especially urge your consideration.

When one reads through the H.E. listings common themes immediately jump out - love of traveling, of course, but also the very serene places where these travel loving people choose to live. What also jumps out are member's passion for food, conversation, music, outdoor activities of every kind, and sharing local attractions with other travelers. Almost everyone's first reaction upon reading these accounts is how nice it would be to visit this person, and that person, and that person . . . if only time and money were no object!

Look at the sample listings to see the kind of kindred spirits you'll discover in the Hospitality Exchange community of travelers and friends. And be sure to check out the web sites of some of our internet junkies. As one indication of the success of the H.E., many of our members now have fast friendships with current and former members around the world.

Our roots date to the early '60s when John Wilcock set up the Traveler's Directory, a listing of his friends willing to host each other when traveling. The idea worked well and the concept has prospered. The name was changed to Hospitality Exchange in 1988 and the directory went online in 2007. But we are proud of our heritage as the original directory of travelers providing hospitality.


While we still can provide, at cost, a printed directory for those without web access, most members search the online database. And we will email you, at no cost, a pdf listing of members in any country or region for you to print.

Membership costs are more than repaid by one visit and cannot begin to compensate for the wonderful experiences gained by having a friendly, local host to accompany or guide you to local attractions, outstanding restaurants, or special events.

If the Hospitality Exchange concept appeals to you, we encourage you to give us a try. Submit our online application form. (You can print and snail mail it if you prefer.) If you have any questions or need additional information, give us a call or send an Email. By the way we are compiling a list of some great Adventure Travel sites (see sidebar to your right) on the web. And now you can do a lot of your air planning on-line. For travel documents and current travel information be sure to take a look at Passport and Visaexchange.

Protocol and Etiquette

Here is a quick look at our travel protocol and etiquette;

Members who travel alone frequently, or others, might want to look at Sharon Wingler's Travel Alone & Love It for some new approaches to your avocation.